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The Peril of Marwal

A 4experiment.



Elf Ranger (archery fighting style)

Eladrin Cleric

Dragonborn Paladin

Tiefling Warlock (infernal pact)




  • Marwal Center
    • The center of Marwal is set in what seems to be an old, once-abandoned keep. Inside the walls of the keep is an open marketplace, a small blacksmith, a small guard barracks, a few small huts, and an inner wall. Inside the inner wall is a large house where the ruling family lives, and attached to the house, filling up the rest of the space inside the inner wall, is a large, semi-cylindrical, horizontal silo. The exterior appears to be made our of large, roughly hewn, overlapping sheets of stone, giving it the appearance of being covered with scales.

  •  Surrounding Land
    • The land stretching radially outwards from the castle consists of tended farmland for the first one to three miles, then pasture and grazing land for about another two to four. Each of these rings is spotted with small cottages. The outter ring is spotted with the occasional fence enclosure to hold animals, while the inner ring is spotted with upright tower grain silos. Immediately adjacent to the castle wall stands one half dozen silos, storing grain and wood for the non-farmers, the winter, and in case of emergency.
    • The forests to the west of Marwal are at first friendly and lush, but quickly become dark and unwelcoming as one moves farther westward towards the Twin Spineback mountain range which reaches up and scrapes the clouds, even piercing them at several points. The trees close to the beach on the eastern side are fairly small, often fruit bearing trees, only 8-10 feet tall, with earthen brown or beige-white papery bark, and delicate red and yellow leaves which seem to sparkle and dance as the wind blows through them.

      However, the trees grow taller, darker, and more barren as one moves westward. The bark on the trees grows deeper until it is as black as night, and the vibrant leaves turn brown and grey before disappearing altogether, leaving nothing but gnarled and twisted branches entwining thickly several dozens of feet overhead to form a dense canopy, blocking out nearly all the light. Spread seemingly at random throughout the deeper part of the forest are trees so massive that they seem to stick up much higher than the rest, like towers watching over the smaller trees. Most of these behemoth growths are deep in the woods near the mountains, but there is one a few miles north, very close to the edge of the forest.

      There are a small number of trade roads that run through the woods. They primarily run north-south, through the more friendly parts, but a few mostly-forgotten, overgrown and rundown roads run through the deeper parts of the woods, daring only the bravest of merchants and adventurers to travel them.
    • To the east is a beach of pristine, fine white sand, stretching north and south infinitely, as far as has been explored. The beach slopes slowly and delicately outwards, for nearly 100 yards of brilliant ivory sand, before disappearing into a rich, violet-colored ocean, cleverly named the Violet Sea. The Violet Sea stretches out beyond the horizon. Scattered throughout the sea are large stone masses, typically pure white, jutting strikingly out of the water, often in strange patterns, but sometimes in simply dense fields of stone. Occasionally, thick, dark black tendrils of smoke appear to snake upwards from some unknown location beyond the horizon…

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